Haley Moss

Attorney, Author, Artist, and Autism Advocate

Session Details

Presentation: What an Autistic Attorney Thinks Employers Should Know

Adults on the autism spectrum face the highest unemployment rate amongst all people with disabilities. Having autism on the job has unique strengths and challenges from the application process and potential accommodations to the daily routine of having a job. This session aims to explore topics surrounding and supporting neurodiversity at work, including why businesses should be hiring people on the spectrum, issues surrounding disclosure of a diagnosis, policy and law such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and ensuring a workplace is accessible. The session will also incorporate personal perspective as Haley is an openly autistic attorney.


1) To understand the value of neurodiversity in the workplace
2) To offer practical advice regarding common issues and barriers in the job seeking process, including disclosure
3) To provide suggestions and ideas for employers, job seekers, and encourage communication to ensure successful employment