Breakout Session III: Expanding and Sustaining a Program

The Inner Workings of an Autism Social Enterprise

In this session Tom D’Eri, COO/Co-Founder, Rising Tide Car Wash will dive into the specific systems and processes Rising Tide uses to operate its business. Over the years Rising Tide has found and developed many tools that help empower its team to do great work. Tom will share examples like:

  • How Rising Tide built a visual system to allow team members with intellectual disabilities make to key operational decisions through the day.
  • How Rising Tide collaborates with team members to consistently improve the tools they use to complete their work.
  • The specific, low cost programs Rising Tide uses to build a best-in-class training program.

Tom will also get into the nuts and bolts of how Rising Tide has built a hiring and onboarding system that has had a 100% success rate on accurately assessing candidate’s with autism over the past 3 years. Lastly, Tom will talk about the specifics of how Rising Tide develops managers who can manage anyone. Tom will cover specific trainings, mindsets, and hiring practices.

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