Speaker Bio

Adam Jones believes everyone deserves a chance. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, growing up he had a difficult time communicating and engaging in society. At the age of 17, Adam found his passion while watching the movie Seabiscuit which lead him to pursue his calling – working with horses and with people on the autism spectrum.

Today, employed full-time as a Barn Attendant at Madison Fields in Dickerson, MD, Adam is an advocate for employing adults on the autism spectrum and contributes to his community towards autism awareness. He believes that people like him deserve a fighting chance and a way to find their true sense of self-worth. Working with horses has helped him to be a role model for others as he is passionate, serious, and takes tremendous pride in his work. “When people on the autism spectrum see me handling these huge animals,” Adam said, “they think, I can handle it too!”